Galatians 6:2 (Week 6)

It’s the sixth week we’ve been praying for you. What’s changed in your life? Has God spoken to you about your situation? Do you have a praise report? How has your prayer changed?

Just a little story about the power of prayer that’s a of couple praise reports to boot:

1) J & L have had their house for sale for over a year, and the number of times it’s been looked at can be counted on one hand. Their request for the house just made its first appearance on this blog last week, and after having you all pray for it, a couple has put a contract down on the house! There is a contingency that the other couples’ house sell, but a contract is significant movement in getting their house sold. In no way do I mean this as a boast whatsoever, except to boast on God and that He hears YOUR prayers. Thank you all for your diligence to pray for them.

2) M is in his 30s and had his second open heart surgery a couple weeks ago. It was to replace a valve in his heart for the second time. Days after his surgery, he was out walking and running and feels great!

Here are requests for this week:

1) M has just started her first year of college, and is feeling a little overwhelmed and homesick. Pray for quick acclimation to her new environment, peace and joy unspeakable!

2) S & S are actively trying to have a baby (fun!), but they are still waiting on God. Pray for fruitfulness and peace

3) G has an inoperable brain tumor. Pray he is able to be without pain, and for peace for he and his family.

4) M needs salvation. Pray God overwhelms him with His presence so that its undeniable; pray God brings people into His path to speak life to him.

5) S needs salvation, too.

6) K needs financial provision in a big way to take care of her niece and nephew that have suddenly come to live with her.

7) C is still in crisis, battling addiction and risking losing her child. Pray she allows God to speak to her at her deepest need.

8) C has a medical situation that needs God’s healing, peace and wisdom.

Do you have something our little community can pray for? Please click where it says “comments” below and let us know your request. If your request is for another person, please use first initials for privacy. We also want to celebrate answers to prayer, so please post a comment updating us on God’s answers as they come.

If you don’t have a request but want to participate, then will you join me in committing to pray for the requests that appear each week? Leave a prayer in the comments for any one specific request, leave a general prayer or anything else God prompts you to pray.

You can also link up and dedicate Mondays to prayer on your site, too.  Grab the button and make Mondays a prayerful and purposeful start to your week. Link up below and let’s blow up the internet with prayer and praise reports.

Thank you for praying. Even though we’re gathered together over the internet and not in person, I firmly believe the words of Jesus still hold true:

“For where two or three gather in my name, there I am with them.”
(Matthew 18:20)

We gather in His name to lift up these needs. Hear our prayers, O Lord.


Be blessed this week.

Does this resonate with you?

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