Thanksday #33

Well hello, Thursday. So glad to see you again. I usually don’t see this side of you (this 4:24 am side, that is). Typically, I’m sleeping soundly with visions of fall boots and sweaters dancing in my head. But Jesus must be returning soon, because I’ve been up for an hour and a half. Actually, I’ve been up for over two hours, but 45 minutes of that was lying in bed before realizing I wasn’t going back to sleep. So here I am, sitting in the dark, recalling all the things I’m grateful for this past week.

(Editors note: Is it “lying” in bed or “laying” in bed? My friend and I had this discussion the other day, and we don’t know the proper usage for lie and lay. We thinketh “lay” is used to mean the biblical “lay together” [if you catch my drift], but is that so old [testament] school?)

And these are the things I think about at 4:29 am.

(Good grief. How pitiful. I’m turning into an old lady. Let me know if you want to meet up for the early bird special at 4:30 this afternoon. ‘Cuz I’ll seriously be ready for bed by 7.)

Back to the thanks. They are a-plenty.

1) Baptism. My sweet, amazing daughter got baptized on Sunday…and there are no words. It was precious and beautiful, and meant the world to me. Even sweeter was that her pastor-Daddy got to perform the baptism. It was a moment forever captured in my heart.

However, Jaana’s not one for fanfare, hoopla or being the center of attention…so we were instructed at great length beforehand that we weren’t allowed to hoot and holler when she came up out of the water. If other people’s families let out a whoop for them, we were allowed one whoop for her. Otherwise, no added attention was to be drawn to her. (How unlike her Daddy.)

So I kept on my sunglasses so she wouldn’t see me crying, and when it was over we gave the pre-approved and appropriate golf clap. But inside and in heaven, there were whoops all around.

2) Haircuts. Jaana got a sassy new back-to-school ‘do and it’s soooo adorable. But, no gushing allowed. I got myself freshened highlights and a trim, and you are free to gush ad nauseam should you feel so inclined.

3) Big boy haircuts. I also gave Paxton a haircut this week, and have taken to putting product in it so it’s all sticky-uppy in the front and hip. (Do the youngsters say “hip” anymore?) I know, I know…”he’s not even two and you’re putting product in his hair?” I have no justifiable reasoning for doing it, other than he can totally rock it. So there. I mean, come on…have you ever??

4) 50 years. This past weekend, we celebrated my in-laws 50th anniversary. What an accomplishment…can you even imagine? It was a wonderful party filled with friends and family spanning every single moment of those 50 years. I’m so grateful to have been a part of it, and that they are in my life. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — I totally and completely hit the jackpot with my in-laws. I adore them.

5) No stoplights & humidity. In Atlanta this past weekend, we got a fresh appreciation for the lack of traffic and lack of humidity here in the mountains. Good. Heavens. Driving home from the anniversary party, we hit about 25 stop lights, and around the second to last one, Jaana said, “You know what I like about living in the mountains? No stoplights!” Which isn’t true, we pass through two to take her to school. The only two.

6) Finally feeling the sweet sensation of slumber falling upon you at 4:53 am.

7) Super-sized cups of coffee. (And there it is. Coffee’s back on the list.)

8) Our sweet, pseudo-adopted twin teen girls. College calleth. One left on Tuesday and the other leaves tomorrow. It’s bittersweet saying “see you soon” to them…they’ve become a part of our family. One even came on our family vacation with us this spring. Jaana and Paxton treat them like big sisters. So very thankful for them in our lives; although we will miss their presence here, I cannot wait for them to experience college. They are going to flourish, and fall madly in love with college life. (I’m a wee bit envious, because they’re entering college with a solid spiritual foundation and good heads on their shoulders. Me, notsomuch. I was a little bit of a knucklehead. And by a little bit, I mean a lot bit.)


9) Fall? I adore fall. Totally hands-down my favorite time of year. And here in the mountains, a gentle whisper of fall has come down and left butterfly kisses over the last few days. I’m torn though — on one hand I’m so very excited for boots and sweaters. On the other hand though, MAUI. How can I get excited for fall when tropical weather is in my immediate future? It’s a tough life I lead, and only by the grace of God can I make it through each day. (I’d put a smiley face here, but I’m afraid it would make this entire post seem so immature. ‘Cuz it’s not already.) (I know you are but what am I.)

10) External Hard Drives. I’m so geeky, that this is the second time this has been on my list. But my laptop died this week. Fortunately, I smelled death coming and was able to put everything on external drive. I’m using a loaner for now until we assess a possible Lazarus-type resurrection. And more fortunately, I can work without missing a beat since all my files are available to me. BIG OL’ WHEW.

Your turn! Let me know what you’re thankful for this week and share the love. Leave a comment below or link up with Candra. It’ll make you lie (or lay) in bed at night with your mind and heart full of love. Or insomnia. Whichever.

p.s. If you missed the post on Tuesday, be sure to enter my first giveaway! The new Gungor CD can be yours free a full month before its release. Enter by next Thursday for a chance to win.

6 thoughts on “Thanksday #33

  1. What a precious baptism memory for all of you to share together. That picture is priceless.Paxton is indeed rocking that hairdo. Too cute!You made it to Atlanta again and I still did not see you?!?!?!?!?I am thankful to be back at school with my students. I truly love my job.

  2. The baptism is so sweet and such a precious memory and step in her walk with God. Praise, Him for wooing her heart.I too have been awake in the wee morning hours the past two mornings..only to drift back to sleep as everyone else starts to rise. Your mountain life sounds heavenly…few traffic lights and no humidity. I am so looking forward to fall for the first time ever. The heat and humidity have really gotten to me this summer.

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