Thanksday #32

When it comes to waking up in the morning, I have to be very cautious how I proceed, because Paxton seems to be so very, very in tune with me, even though he sleeps in his own room on another floor. I can lie in bed awake but with my eyes closed, and on the monitor hear that he’s still sleeping soundly. But as soon as I open one groggy eye, he is up and babbling instantly. One eye I tell you! Instantly!

Don’t feel too bad for me, though. Just like his Mama, he loves sleep. And he generally wakes up between 7:15 and 7:45.

Just like his Mama.

And that is one thing I’m so very thankful for this week —

1) That my children don’t wake up at 6 or 6:30 am each and every single stinkin’ day. (Jaana has always been an earlier-than-7:15 riser, but we taught her at a young age that if she’s up before 7 am she has to play in her room before she can come downstairs. ‘Cuz I’m a mean mommy like that.)

2) Laughing so hard with a friend on the phone that you have tears streaming down your face, making curvy mountain roads nearly impossible to navigate.

3) Hymns. Let me just put it out there — I’m not a fan of the hymn. I know the words are so very beautiful and meaningful, but as a musical style for me personally to worship to…I really, really can’t get into it. Aaaand…we had a Hymn Sing on Sunday night. Aaaand…since I’m in the choir, I had to learn so very, very, very many hymns. And I have to be honest, I wasn’t looking forward to the Hymn Sing. HOWEVER. I have to admit I really enjoyed it. And while it’s still not my preference for worship, I did have a lot of fun, and our music director did a fantastic job putting with it. But am I excited about learning the new Chris Tomlin song for Missions Festival in two weeks? YES and MA’AM.

4) Matured Self-Esteem. I have to say, I don’t know that I’ll ever really conquer this self-esteem monster that haunts me daily. But I have noticed that as I get older (ahem-cough-40-is-coming-soon-cough), it doesn’t have as much power over me as it used to. Case in point: so far this summer, life has been uber-crazy (moving into a new house, going to Bolivia…you know, typical things), which means I haven’t made running and working out the priority that it once was. And I’ve noticed that my clothes don’t fit as well as they did. Just a smidge snugger, that sort of thing. You know.

Well, in the past week, three people have asked me if I’m still running.

And your point?”

In the past, that question would have sent me over the edge. I would have assumed that by asking that question, the person asking has also noticed a change in my body. And my self-esteem would have plummeted. And I’d have beaten myself up and then sought solace in some birthday cake (which you can buy by the slice at Ingles. In case you’re wondering.)

But I found myself this week responding with, “Just a little bit, not as much as I’d like. I really miss it!” and then I moved on.

They probably did mean that, who knows. But the point is, I didn’t fall apart with self-loathing.

And then I realized that is an amazing feat for this girl.

And then I praised God.

5) The Power of No. I never say no. Well, almost never. When it comes to freelance work, I always find a way to fit stuff in. But as I’ve mentioned ad nauseam, I’m totally under the gun on getting stuff printed for Missions Festival. Therefore, I’ve had to tell three clients no just this week. No, I can’t do that right now, would love to, but physically can. not. do. it. No, it’s too last minute. No, talk to me in two more weeks. The benefit of these particular clients is that they are good friends-slash-clients, and know that I must really be pressured if I’m saying no. And the best part is that they love me enough to wait out the two weeks. I heart all of them.

6) Bobadoo. I mentioned last week that this is Paxton’s new favorite word. The problem is we’ve been clueless as to what it means; yet he says it all the time. Just today, as I’m typing this, Bob the Builder came on, and Paxton went all Bobadoo-crazy. “Bobadoo! Bobadoo! Bobadoo!” Bob the Builder. Who. Knew.

7) Speaking of Bobadoo. This morning as I was dressing Paxton, he said these exact words (in his 20 month-old dialect, natch): “Mommy, I want some grapes.” I was stunned silent. His first very full sentence. Now that I think about it, this actually makes me sad, not thankful. But now I’ve typed it all out and I’m too lazy to delete it and write something else.

8) The End of School. No, not for Jaana…she starts in a week and a half. I’m talking about my amazing husband. He finished his Master’s Degree this week, after countless hours of long and hard work. I’m so incredibly proud of him for juggling a full-time job, a full-time family and graduate school. It’s admirable. And now we have nine glorious months before his doctoral program. Ahhhh….what will we do with all that time? Oh, that’s right. DATE NIGHTS.

9) The Beginning of School. No, not for Greg…he’s done. I’m talking about my incredible daughter. She starts 2nd grade in a week and a half. This is kind of a mixed bag of emotions for me: on one hand I can’t believe she’s old enough for 2nd grade; on the other hand, I’m ready for the routine and structure of school; on yet another hand, I’m wistful that so much of this summer was full of work that the “lazy days of summer” is something my kids only know by folklore; on my last hand, I’m ready for her mind to be more challenged, because as funny as it is, Phineas and Ferb isn’t educationally stimulating. (Yes, I could be doing that on my own, but it’s summer.)

(I bet you thought I had lost my mind with all these hands I’m referring to — but how quickly we forget that mothers have more than two arms at all times.)

10) More important things. I realized today that I haven’t included coffee in a Thanksday list in probably months. And then I realized that maybe that’s because I’m thankful for some things that are a bit more important to me than coffee. And then I realized that maybe this Thanksday thing is really working. Who. Knew.

Your turn! Let me know what you’re thankful for this week and share the love. Leave a comment below or link up with Candra. It’ll help you sleep better at night and appreciate the finer things in life.

4 thoughts on “Thanksday #32

  1. Thanks again for always putting my day in perspective. Can you send one of these every day please?Congrats on learning the art of saying no. I used to be a yes girl and am pretty good at saying no these days. It is so good to say no sometimes!Give Greg a big high five and tell him congrats. We are all proud of him.I am thankful this week to have the opportunity to spend 3 whole days with my husband in FL at a friend's wedding. Even though he will be "working" (photographer), it will still be wonderful to have him in the same town.

  2. Love reading these Monica I probably say that every Thanksday! I am thankful for school starting but not too excited about the getting up and making lunches….dread!!!Barbie

  3. On my list of things I am thankful for this week is you, your friendship and your amazing gifts that you so willngly share. Ok, I guess that's 3 things:)Thanks for challenging us to look harder at our lives and take notice of all we really have.

  4. Do you know how much I have enjoyed reading this? You are a very gifted writer — very entertaining. Thanks for sharing your list. I'm so glad you have cracked the "bobadoo" mystery!I wrote my first thankful list this morning — it's amazing how it changes your day to meditate and give praise for the good things in life. Everyday should be "Thanksday", no?

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