Thanksday #31

Let me paint you a picture:

I woke up when I wanted to wake up this morning. I got out of bed, and paddled blurry-eyed to the kitchen. It was quiet, no Phineas and Ferb blaring on the TV. I made a cup of coffee, and drank it watching The Today Show. The living room was exactly as clean as it was when I went to bed last night. There was no changing of diapers to tend to, no breakfasts to fix, no cries of “Mommy, help!” After my coffee, I had a bite to eat and am now sitting in my still-quiet house, listening to music and praying the sun burns off the clouds so I can lay out at the pool for just a tiny bit. Alone. With. A. Book.

“How can this be?” you ask. “Is our Lord Jesus returning? Has your family been raptured?”

No, my husband and children are in Atlanta. But I won’t join them until tomorrow. It’s simply a glorious, Monica-only 36 hours. What it is, really, is the gift that will keep on giving.

And if that doesn’t kick-start a Thanksday post, I just don’t know what will.

1) All of the above.

2) Bobbadoo. Paxton’s new word. No clue what it means, but he gets all happy when he shouts it out and elongates the “ooo.”

3) Maui. Planned, booked and luau confirmed. Yee-to-the-haw. (Or rather, alo-to-the-ha.)

4) Paving. The road to Jaana’s school — THE ABSOLUTE BAIN OF MY EXISTENCE — is actually being paved. (Pause for impact inserted here.) By mid-September, I can go through the car wash AND THE CAR WILL STAY CLEAN despite driving to and from school. Don’t let anyone tell you God doesn’t answer seemingly ridiculous prayers.

5) Nice, clean fonts. Candra didn’t use Papyrus today. My eyes danced with happiness. (Smile inserted here.)

6) Global perspective. Our church’s Missions Festival is in a couple weeks, and I’m on the planning committee. It’s a ton of work and lots of detail, but now that it’s so close I’m getting really excited. It’s my favorite time of year. World Missions has always been close to my heart (six mission trips later should tell you that), and between Bolivia and now this, the flames are re-kindled. There is nothing like serving in another country and seeing God is totally and completely the same. It blows my mind every time.

7) Hypocrisy. The house is immaculate, but I left the bed unmade. Because I’m living on the edge, people. On. The. Edge. 

8) Donald Miller’s posts. If you have any single friends or family in your life, please, please, please encourage them to read this post and this post. This post is directed to the women; this post is directed to the men. Had I only had this wisdom spoke into my life in my single days. One friend of mine is printing out the one to the girls and saving it for when her daughter gets older. BRILLIANT.

9) Passion’s Here for You CD. I’m in love.

10) Pinterest. Oh dear. I caved and submitted to the force of the Pinterest. It’s full of so many amazing and beautiful things. I can just pour over it for hours, really. The bad thing is I don’t have hours to give to it. Let me know if you’re on, so I can follow you. And if you want to follow me, here’s my link.

Your turn! Let me know what you’re thankful for this week and share the love. It’ll bring more calm and peace into your life than sitting in your clean house alone with a cup of coffee.

6 thoughts on “Thanksday #31

  1. Congrats on getting some alone time. You deserve it.Missions Week is always my favorite time at church too. Hope all goes well.It sounds like Paxton is channeling Ricky Ricardo (babaloo). Have you been watching I Love Lucy?!?!?I am thankful I get to see my husband tomorrow for the first time in 2 weeks. I miss him terribly. I am also thankful school started back this week. I love routine!

  2. Oh gracious, what is Pinterest??? UGH.I sighed relief when I read you had some quiet, so excited for you.Thankful we got a TON of rain in the wee hours of the morning. Thankful that I get to see some extended family next weekend that I haven't seen in a while.Thankful for these posts!-julie

  3. This is so good! You're such a great writer. Enjoy every minute of your 36 hours. As I write this, I'm listening to my girls fight over a jump rope. Ah the joys of children.A few things that come to mind that I'm thankful for today are:1. I've been working diligently all day on cleaning my house. I'm halfway to immaculate.2. By next month I will no longer be pregnant. Put a fork in me I'm done.3. My sweet, sweet husband. 11 years ago tomorrow we said "I do." Other than asking Jesus into my heart, I can honestly say marrying Scott was the best decision I've ever made. He is truly the love of my life! I'm so thankful the Lord has blessed us with such a great marriage. Enough mush. :)4. And finally, summer. You know how I adore the warmth! i.e. playing outside w the girls, eating dinner on the deck, family walks after dinner, relaxing on the porch swing. :) xo ~ Danae

  4. Awe you deserve a 36 hours free! Thankful for talented Monica who can write such great posts….I so enjoy them! :)p.s. can not wait for the Mission Festival!:)Barbie

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