Thanksday #29

My apologies for the hiatus. We were in Bolivia for one Thanksday, and got home the night of the other. I’m just now finally unpacked (because I procrastinate) and am sort of / kind of caught up on sleep. And even though I’m a day late this week, is it ever really too late to give thanks?

I have so much to be thankful for…both in Bolivia and home from Bolivia. (And incidentally, in case you missed it, there is much bloggy goodness about the trip at (And more incidentally, if we aren’t friends on Facebook, then you can go here to get links to public photo albums to see ALLLLL the 600+ pictures I took.)

So instead of my usual format for Thanksday, I’m going to break it up.

‘Cuz I’m CA-RAZY like that.

What I Was Thankful For In Bolivia:

1) Seeing how Star Tipper, arm wrestling and thumb wrestling unite the nations
2) Empanadas, Solso and Cheesy Rice (also known as, “Monica gained 10 pounds”)
3) Laughing until I cried for a solid hour (more than once)
4) Hearing Greg laugh so hard he sounded like a weeping woman, and watching the kids react to his womanly laugh
5) Watching Carolyn laugh so hard she fell backwards in her chair
6) Corn on pizza (not to be confused with the Hungarian egg on pizza)
7) Watching Jesus tear down walls among our team, the kids we served and Himself
8) Seeing how the testimony of a few American teens can impact others across the world
9) Coca-Cola tastes better in Bolivia
10) Entering the country only knowing a little French, and leaving with a handful of Spanish phrases in my back pocket

What I’m Thankful For Since I’ve Been Back:

1) Being able to flush toilet paper
2) Having a fresh towel to dry my hands on
3) Washcloths
4) Iced Tea
5) French Vanilla Creamer
6) My kids!!!
7) Extra hugs and kisses every day from Jaana
8) Quality time as a family
9) Cooler weather
10) Church (and not needing a translator)

What I Miss About Bolivia:

1) Yolanda, Ninoska and all the other girls
2) Coffee brewed with sugar
3) Yucca in any form (but preferably fried)
4) Homemade empanadas with high-sodium queso
5) No cell service
6) No poopy diapers, goldfish crackers or sippy cups
7) Helping Sarah with English class (“I am happy!”)
8) Watching Greg roughhouse and play with the kids as if they were his own
9) Seeing our team work their tails off, to the point of refusing to take the breaks we forced on them
10) A sense of calm; despite being busy every waking hour, there was something so peaceful about not having daily life interruptions (phones, computers, kids, etc) that helped me just be in the moment and really take it in

Your turn! Let me know what you’re thankful for this week. Leave a comment or link up with Candra and share the joy of gratitude. It just might make you want to hop on a plane to share it with the world.