Thanksday #26


It’s such an awkward word. I understand the meaning of it, but don’t understand why it’s so prevalent on birthday cards. “Happy Belated Birthday” doesn’t sound remotely exciting or fun. Like, not only did you forget my birthday, but now your card is boring.

Anyway, that’s not the point. The point is that this post is belated.

Happy Belated Thanksday.

We’ve had a jam-packed week of grateful goodness, though!

1. Cheer Camp. Jaana has been at sports camp this week learning cheerleading, which I think is just fabulous. As she comes home showing me what she’s learned, and I’m instantly back to 17 cheering “We are the Rams, the mighty Rams, Wilson!” I pulled out my “rah!” pin for her to wear for her big performance today, but she decided against it. I think I’ll wear it instead; I already threatened to pull out my old outfit and pom-poms but she acted as if she’d be horrified if I did it. As if.

2. Playdates. Our neighbor has also had a daughter in the same camp, so both girls have come to our house to play each afternoon which has been a joy for Jaana. She loves her baby brother, make no mistake about it. But there’s nothing like a girlfriend who will face paint with you.

3. Bible Study. I’ve mentioned a few times how much I loved my Breaking Free Bible Study group this spring. Well, we’ve all enjoyed each other so much we’re continuing to get together over the summer. I can’t express how much I look forward to our time together. Over the summer we’re meeting at a friend’s house, so it’s become a very intimate and cozy setting. A few more women have joined us and it’s become such a precious time. So thankful for their hearts, their honesty and transparency, and support for each other!

4. Target. I had to go to Asheville for some Bolivia shots this week, so I got to make a stop at Target, which I hadn’t been to in almost 3 months! (gasp, shock, awe!) Paxton was anointed specifically during this trip and endured not just one trip into the fitting room, but THREE.

5. Sizing. I had found two dresses I really liked during the Target Extravaganza, but they looked so weird on me and I was getting discouraged by how they made my hips look. Then I had a thought that maybe they were just too big? And praise Jesus, that was the issue! I needed a smaller size. Have you heard such beautiful words in your life before?? I needed a smaller size. And it was a size that hadn’t graced my lips (or hips) in quite awhile. The bonus? On sale. Booyah!

6. Big Boo Cast. Said it before – hilarity in a podcast. They just posted a new one. Run, don’t walk, to get it downloaded.

7. This picture. Paxton and I were playing in the car (‘cuz you know, it’s FUN) and this picture just tickles me to no end. Tickle me, Elmo.

8. Non-Pregnancy. I have a billion girlfriends who are all pregnant right now, or trying to get pregnant, and I am purely ecstatic for them and rejoice greatly in their blessing! However. I’m also simultaneously so happy that I’m not, and that I won’t be. Which reassures me over and over again that we are so done. Pregnancy with Paxton was hard; delivery was a nightmare; and when you know – you know. I was thrilled at Target to pass the Liz Lange Maternity at 55 mph. And when I picked up wipes in baby section, I inwardly did a little jig that I didn’t need to check out every aisle.

(Let me pause here to sincerely say that I personally know the struggle of wanting a baby but it taking too long or having experienced miscarriage. I’m not belittling it in any way. If that is where you are today, please know I am praying for you.)

9. This bookcase. Greg and I bought this piece about 5 years ago at a big sale at American Signature Furniture. It’s huge, and has been taken apart and put together more times than we can count…but I am so thankful that it’s held up all this time. I just love it. Every time I look at it I remember how much fun Greg and I had registering for all our dishes before we got married, and how much I still love the set we picked. It makes me smile to look at it.

10. Company. I love knowing people are coming over because it makes me clean and organize my house in an utter frenzy. There’s no choice when you have company; you can’t put it off. And for that reason the counters are dusted, the floors are swept and everything’s straightened up. At least for a few hours.

Your turn. Let me know what you’re thankful for this week. Leave a comment or link up with Candra and let’s encourage one another to count our blessings. You might just count to 10.

One thought on “Thanksday #26

  1. I love how excited you are about your Target trips. You should do a commercial or something. Congrats on the smaller size!I appreciate your prayers about baby.Love ya!

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