Thanksday #24

I gotta make this quick, because there are unpacked boxes taunting me from the corners of every room, tracked in dirt all over every floor and closets begging to be put out of their misery.

But I’m loving every minute of it.

This week, I’ve found myself so grateful for:

1. Simple things. Like sitting in MY house, on MY couch, drinking MY water out of MY glass. Bliss.

2. Ministry of meals. And the women who consider it pure joy to bring meals to people when they are undergoing life changes like moving. Even if they’ve done it once or thrice or more for us. I don’t understand it, but I receive it. (And my hips don’t lie – they also brought dessert.)

3. My little adventurer. It seems that moving has brought out the exploration side of Paxton, and the boy is EVERYWHERE and into EVERYTHING. It’s all so new and exciting for him. I love watching him try to figure things out, and then glance over his shoulder to see if I’m watching him do what he shouldn’t be doing. Like throwing balls down the stairs. Or grabbing the remote every 5 seconds, time-outs be darned. And then I wonder, oh my word how am I going to accomplish one single thing this summer if things continue this way? I can see now why people have nannies.

4. Long lost iPod. I gave Jaana my archaic iPod last summer so she’d have something to listen to on our flight to Seattle. The other day she found it after being in storage for months, and I got to spy on her while she danced around her room doing the motions to “Jesus, You’re My Superhero.”

5. Immunizations. Five shots needed to go to Bolivia. That’s right. FIVE. Hepatitis A, B and Tetanus are done, and my arm isn’t even sore (after giving birth, I suppose shots really aren’t so big a deal). Yellow Fever and Typhoid — I’m coming for you and will own you. Bolivia, game on.

6. The last week of school. Tomorrow’s the last day of school. And as I mentioned on Facebook, I’m excited about lazy days at the pool. AND it means that I won’t have to drive the gravel road dodging potholes twice a day. THAT means my car will actually be clean this summer. Which just might be better than the pool.

7. Our fridge. It’s one of those big ones that has the freezer drawer at the bottom, and the top is one door and all fridge. The french-style ones with one-size freezer/one-side fridge have annoyed me. So happy to open this fridge and just poke around.

8. The baby mouse that (so far) hasn’t gotten inside my car. So I’m driving Jaana to school today, and when I stop the car to drop her off, I notice a small mouse poke it’s head out from under the hood and sort of walk along the windshield by the wipers. I gasp, start itching all over and wonder what in the heck?!?

I pull away and the mouse darts back under the hood. There is no way in God’s green earth I’m getting out to look for it, so I drive to the grocery store praying with all my might that thing doesn’t get inside somehow and scurry across my flip-flop covered toes.

I park, run into the store and don’t see it. Whew.

I get back to the car to put the groceries in, and as the back is lifted up, that baby mouse is there again, running along the top of the back of the car. I shake, itch and try not to screech in the Ingles parking lot. Throw the juice on top of the bread and the mouse runs back to the top of the car. I close it tightly and walk around the car looking everywhere. I see nothing but look like a weirdo car-stalker. I call Greg. He says “Come on home, I gotta go now.” Okay then.

I drive back home, and about 5 miles later, that stinkin’ mouse is running along the wipers AGAIN! I’m totally itchy and nervous and wigging out, trying to slam on my brakes and make the thing fall off. It scampers to and fro then disappears off the side of the car. I’m hoping it fell off, but think it just went under the wheel well.

I pull up at home, rush out of the car and make Greg get the groceries. He checked everywhere and could not find that mouse.

I’m oh-so-grateful it’s remained outside. But you wouldn’t waste a prayer on me that it doesn’t come back!!

9. The morning adrenaline boost that made me not need any coffee today. (See #8)

10. That Jaana didn’t see a single part of the mouse incident. Because if she had, life as we know it would be over.

What are you thankful for this week? Leave a comment or link up with Curious Georgi for the weekly celebration of the little things. It just might help you become a big ol’ softie.

3 thoughts on “Thanksday #24

  1. forgive me for taking like FOREVER to comment lately1. i think you have Moses at your house [sounds like me talking about the boy into everything]2. that's quite a mouse story3. after i had Nation someone brought me mini eclairs from Publix with my meals..i never know i even liked them…not they yell at me when I walk into the grocery store

  2. School's out for summer!!! Wohoo!!!Oh, the mouse story made me laugh. I am sure you were not laughing at the time but I have to admit I enjoyed the story. How hard did Greg check is my question :)I have a healthy jealousy of your fridge. I want one!I am thankful this week that school is over at the end of business day today. Let the summer officially begin.

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