Thanksday #23

Good grief! How in the world has a whole entire seven days passed already? I feel like it was just Friday. I guess that’s what happens when you’re moving into a new house. Your own new house, where you can settle in for. good.

Each day has passed in the most gaussian of blurs (a little Photoshop reference for some of you design geeks out there), but I will do my best to pull from the recesses of my memory the best moments of thankfulness (you’ll forgive me but understand if most of these are house-related, won’t you?):

1. Jaana’s art show. Jaana came home from school with a slew of artwork done in art class, and set it all up around the living room. She then put a slip of paper in front of each piece and had us all go around and tally each piece as many times as we wanted to. We had to around and around to them over and over until she said stop. For one, I love her imagination. For two, her art was precious (my favorite was her Kandinsky, that looked just like the one I used to have years ago). And for three, she totally ca-racks me up.

2. DVR. Our DirecTV is all set up at the new house and I’m so very, very thankful to have DVR once again. Just in time to record all the shows I will not mention due to fear of judgment.

3. DirecTV app. Because now if I leave the house and forget to set the DVR, I can do it from my phone. Yee and a haw.

4.  Choir. First, let me preface this by saying I cannot sing. (This makes me a Joyful Noiser.) However, I love to and have always desperately wanted to be in the choir. I’m just going to rehearsals for now, until I feel more comfortable (have I mentioned I have never, not once, done a single musical-type thing?). I’m a total wannabe, but don’t even care.

5.  Bolivia. We leave in just over five weeks for our short-term mission trip to Bolivia! This past weekend was the retreat with the team, and it was a good motivation booster for all of us. There are four adult leaders and 10 high schoolers going on our trip, and we are so ready for what God’s got in store for us! I’m a wee bit nervous about leaving both kids for 10 days…but I know they are going to be in the best hands. Now, I just have to work on getting immunizations. FUN.

6. The Big Boo Cast. Big Mama and Boo Mama have sporadically recorded podcasts over the past few years, and after a year-long hiatus they recorded a new one. I love them because they are totally random, utterly hilarious, and like listening into a phone conversation between two BFF’s. It always reminds me of my own random phone conversations with Annie, and what’s better than laughing out loud while listening to a podcast? Not much. You can listen various ways here.

7. Utilities. I’ve never been more excited about power and gas as I have this week. Although when the bills arrive, I might change my tune. Who am I kidding? Greg will deal with that. I’ll still be excited.

8. Internet alternatives. No offense to Frontier/Verizon DSL, but I’d rather hear both kids calling “Mommy!” a hundred times a minute for an entire week than have to deal with you. The experiences I’ve had in the past year caused my naturally blonde hair (cough, ahem, not) to turn prematurely gray. My normally very low blood pressure rose into almost quadruple digits. My cell bill reflected HOURS of time wasted on hold trying to figure out why it wasn’t working when I was told NUMEROUS times “we’re not sure why, according to our records, it should be working.” In the most desperate of attempts, I searched out every possible alternative to having Frontier/Verizon DSL here in the mountains. And lo, the angel of the Lord introduced me to the 4G LTE Hotspot alternative. The unit arrives tomorrow. Plug and go. Praise God from whom all internet blessings flow.

9. Watches. My birthday present from Greg finally arrived. My champagne-colored, boyfriend-inspired watch. Such a happy girl. Man, I love me a watch.

10. When God’s trying to tell you something. I’ve been avoiding something for awhile. I know in the back of my head I need to deal with it, but have been a tad bratty about it…and if I’m honest, it’s felt really good to feel bratty about it. In the meantime, God’s been gently tapping me on the shoulder about it. A little “psst” here, and a whisper of “just something to think about” there. 90% of all the messages I’ve read or heard lately have been about the topic at hand. And each time, I sort of spiritually roll my eyes and think, “I know, I know.” But it’s getting close to time to deal. And while I’m not looking forward to it, I am thankful that God loves me enough to know my peace and joy will be greater when it’s dealt with.

What are you thankful for this week? Leave a comment or link up with Candra for a weekly praise for all things good. It just might make your heart grow three times its size.

3 thoughts on “Thanksday #23

  1. Glad to know God is not focusing all His attention on me and some things I need to deal with too :)I happy to hear you are getting settled in nicely to the new house and some of the things you love are returning.I can't wait to hear your first choir solo. How exciting!I am thankful today for a parent who appreciates the hard work I put into my job. One of my student's mom gave me a pair of cute and comfy flip-flops for an end of the year present. I am often overlooked because I am one of the many therapists that works with the classroom. But she always makes a point to say thank you. That means alot to me.

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