It’s beginning to look a lot like…

…spring. And not just spring, but Spring In The Mountains (or SITM, if you will).

The season might look a lot different here than it does where you live. Yes, we have things blooming and pollen everywhere, too. But look closely…there is more.

I absolutely love it here, make no mistake. But it has taken a bit of getting used to the difference of small mountain community versus Metropolitan Atlanta. Now that this is my second spring season, I’m totally fine with how things work.

So here are the top 10 surefire signs you know spring has arrived here, and that we’re ramping up for the seasonal summer crowd:

1) The local cleaners is now open three days a week, not just two.

2) There are more than a couple places to eat for lunch.

3) There are more than a couple places to eat for lunch on a Sunday.

4) The coffee shop is open a wee bit later.

5) The car wash sees some action.

6) There’s an increase in the number of slow drivers as people navigate the curvy mountain roads, therefore making what we consider “traffic.”

7) There are 5 cars ahead of you at the stoplight, therefore making what we consider “traffic.”

8) The library parking lot gets a little full throughout the day, not just after school lets out.

9) The Farmer’s Market is open.

10) It’s time for the Tour de Cashiers.

It may seem small town, but it’s home. And I wouldn’t trade it. What about you? What does spring look like where you live?

Does this resonate with you?

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