Thanksday #18

In zero order of importance (because really, can Boogie Wipes ever trump Easter?), here is my list of things to be thankful for this week. I had a difficult week, but as the song goes (and I can’t remember the name of it, sorry): “Even in the hard times, even when I feel pain. I’ve made up my mind, I’m gonna praise Him anyway.”

1. Boogie Wipes. (For Paxton, not me…although I have started using them too. They’re great!) They smell like grape and have saline in them, also leaving extra moisturizing on my little bud’s raw nose. I made up a little song to the tune of “Boogie Nights” so every time I wipe his nose I sing, “Boogie Wipes!” and he sings it back. If I use regular tissue he hates it, but with Boogie Wipes, he doesn’t mind a bit.

2. Gold Peak Diet Iced Tea. It’s warming up so now I prefer afternoon iced tea instead of coffee. Theirs is delicious.

3. Breaking Free. God recently helped me shed some bondage in an area of my life. You can read about it here. There’s a lot more freedom ahead for me (isn’t there for us all?). Isn’t it funny how you can work really hard at growing in an area, then suddenly things come at you from every side about that very thing? Just a chance to use the tools He’s equipping me with, and a chance to apply the head knowledge to my heart. (You can mentally imagine “Shackles” from Mary Mary here if you want to. It would be appropriate.)

4. Resurrection Weekend. I’m beyond thankful to live in a country where I can freely celebrate Easter and worship how I choose to worship. And more grateful to a Savior who loved me enough to endure the pain and suffering He did, and who died on a cross 2,000 years ago today.

5. Greg. Y’all are getting close to a gag reflex with as much as I gush about my husband, I’m sure. But I’m continually reminded of just how blessed I am to have him as my husband. He always makes me a priority, and shows it in action, not just words. This week his protective side came out and was ready to go to blows over a situation that hurt me. He stands up for me, watches over me, protects me and shields me. Kind of how Christ does for the church. He’s an amazing earthy example of Christ. J’adore him.

6. Jaana’s Tooth. Praise God from whom all blessings flow…it’s an Easter miracle. The tooth that Jaana has had dangling for WEEKS (weeks, I tell you!) finally came out last night. We all did a happy dance. She left a note for the Tooth Fairy asking for a book, and also wanting her to draw a picture of herself so Jaana could see what she looked like. The Tooth Fairy brought her money instead (after all, Jaana never mentioned what kind of book she wanted), and told her it’s against Fairy Code to leave any images of her appearance. Jaana was satisfied.

7. My Dad’s Visit! We go pick up my dad this afternoon, and I’m so excited! Paxton’s been trying to say, “Grandpa” in preparation, but it comes out more like “Pee-pa.” I’m sure he’ll take it however Paxton says it.

8. Nyquil Sinus Nightime Medicine. I mentioned this last week, but it bears repeating. The stuff is amazing. I’ve had the best night’s sleep when I use it because it completely knocks me out and I can breathe! And then don’t wake up completely congested and headachy. And y’all know how priceless my sleep is to me.

9. UGA Spring Football. The whole Steely clan went to Athens (or as Greg calls it, God’s Country) to watch the spring Bulldog football scrimmage. It was perfect weather (perfect, I tell you!), the kids had a blast and Paxton even got his picture with some great players. If I was not so lazy I’d have found the camera cable to upload the pic of him with Pro Bowlers Charles Grant and George Foster. He also got one with former UGA QB David Green. Babies can get you pictures with anyone. Anyone, I tell you! (p.s. Who looks the happiest in these pix?)

10. Pomme Products Macintosh Keep-In Spritz. This is a product my hair guy sells, and I. Love. It. It’s a leave-in styling spray that just makes my hair feel so smooth, and shiny and I can’t stop running my fingers through it! You can order it from him if you’re interested here.

Okay, your turn! What are you thankful for this week?

One thought on “Thanksday #18

  1. As I have told you before, I look forward to what will be on this list each week.I will have to try that tea. I love tea!I too love this time of year. The older I get, the more Easter is becoming my favorite celebration. I need a reminder of the sacrifice He made and how blessed I truly am.Glad to hear Jaana finally lost her tooth. Her requests were so cute. I love the use of Fairy Code. I will have to remember that when we have kids.I can really relate with your Breaking Free comment. I have one area as well that I just can't "grow up/break fee" about and the Lord is being so patient with me. Thank you Jesus!Have a great visit with your dad.I am thankful this week that Scott had a great interview and will know by next Thursday if he has a permanent job. Yeah!

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