Thanksday #14

It’s the weekly giving of thanks! This week I’m thankful for…

1. Jaana (aka Mommy Junior), and the way she loves on her little brother. Moments like the one above where she’s holding him just slay me.

2. Elmo slippers. You can’t watch this and not just swoooooon.

3. Cardboard Testimonies. Our church did these on Sunday, and I’m so proud of Jaana for having the courage to participate! (The wording on her board is shown on the screens behind her so you can read what her sign says.) Praise God for His grace. I’m so glad I recorded this, because I was crying so much I missed it live (and immediately sending to family was priceless).

4. Coffee. Our church finished a 21-day Daniel Fast, so having it back in my life is a joyous occasion worthy of the Thanksday list!

5. House hunting. Now, I’m not sure that this is really Thanksday worthy…because in and of itself it’s exhausting and a bit depressing. But I am very thankful for the process of house hunting for a few reasons: a) It forces us to trust God,  b) It gives Greg & I an opportunity to draw closer, and c) makes me so grateful for what God has given me.

6.  Apps, apps and more apps. Seriously, I had no idea the iPhone would be this fun. Currently I’m obsessed with: iTrip and playing Pandora through my car stereo; Daily Burn & FoodScanner to track my daily food intake and calories (directly by scanning the package’s bar code!); You Version Bible that gives me multiple translations and the ability to post a verse to Twitter or Facebook directly.

7. Couponing. Well, at least I think I’m thankful for this. A friend recently got some women together to share how she saves money by shopping sales and couponing. She’s amazingly organized and passionate about it, and it got me kind of excited to try it out. Getting my first Sunday paper this weekend to start clipping from the circulars and all the websites are bookmarked. Greg motivated me by offering to let me keep the extra grocery money I save to spend on whatever. So, with a possible new spring wardrobe around the corner, I have more incentive to really do this thing! (Hellooooo, Nordstrom!)

8. Emerald Sea Salt & Pepper Cashews. Oh dear, I about eat an entire canister in two days.

9. Sunny skies. Running outside instead of at the gym has renewed my outlook on life. I almost whistled back to the birds the other day in hopes one would land on my finger and we could sing together like in Mary Poppins.

10. Tenacious Roses. Nope, not a band. Greg got me some beautiful roses for Valentine’s Day, and I still haven’t killed them and they are holding up amazingly well. There’s hope for this black thumb after all!

Are there things you’re thankful for this week? Write your list and either post in the comments, or link your own blog post below. Let’s experience the joy of being thankful in all things!

3 thoughts on “Thanksday #14

  1. i really need to see your kids—it's been too long. and for that matter your son was still in utero.please tell me what the sign said because i couldn't see it in the video. did you do a sign too? please do tell. i think i'm already crying.thanks for telling me about your fav apps. i adore pandora through the iphone. tell jaana Jesus needs to bring her an ipod touch with your coupon extra money ; ) ; ) i'm not much of a couponer, but i have some new friends who are crazy good…hopeful to learn a little from them. one friend, no lie, spends $20 A MONTH, yes in a month! to feed her family of 4. like real food too. she says it takes her about an hour a day. she buys 5 news papers and staples them together so she only has to cut one coupon 5x once. i'll let you know what else i hunting too. ugh. Jesus please shower both of us with the perfect house in your timing and will! amen.

  2. I can take a deep breath now that I have read your list for this week. :)I am thankful that Spring is around the corner. I love this weather!!

  3. Nice list! I think I feel just as you do about house hunting being exhausting and a bit depressing but drawing us closer to God and our spouse. I'm thankful God has provided us a place rent free until He leads us to the home he has for us.Couponing….my husband wants me to do this, but I keep saving the coupons, they pile up, become clutter and I toss them. Guess I need a better system.

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