Thanksday #13

Ahhhh. This is so much easier! You probably haven’t noticed, but my site is all switched over. It took some time and was a royal pain, but it’s done. Not that you care at all, but I went back to Blogger and not WordPress for one very important reason.: I used to use Blogger, and 90% of the devotions I wrote from 2-3 years ago were still there. That saved me a lot of work. (Remember, I’m lazy.) So I’m back to Blogger. For now. (You know in about 6-9 months I’ll tire of this and do something different. Us creative design people can’t stay with any one aesthetic for too long.) 

Carrying on! It’s time to give thanks.

1. Valentine’s Day. ‘Twas a special day o’ love. Our anniversary is 7 days before, so usually we sort of lump sum the two days into one. Jaana had an adorable party at school. But then! Greg surprised me with a love letter. And he didn’t just give it to me, he sat me down and read it to me. It was the best. gift. ever. I’d share it here, but then again it ain’t none y’all bid-ness. But I will share the flowers!

2. App Store. I told you last week in intricate detail about my new iPhone. Well I’ve been having way too much fun in the App Store. I’ve downloaded apps to help with my productivity…from note keeping to grocery lists. Hopefully this will make me a little more organized. Or at least look like I am.

3. A Helpful Husband. In the last week Jaana, Paxton and I have all been sick in some way, shape or form. Greg has helped so much, from leaving work to pick up one of the kids early from school to coming home in between work meetings to help out so I can rest. Love that man!

4. God. I love God, and I love how He speaks sometimes. I was questioning something the other day as I went to bed, and woke up early the next morning still wondering about it. As soon as I got up and checked my email, He had sent the answer right into my inbox. He’s just awesome how He works that way. It’s so simple, but if you trust Him, He will show you. Sounds like a scene from Field of Dreams, but it’s the plain truth.

5. Provision. Since I received my new phone, money to cover the cost of both my phone and my mom’s arrived, and rather unexpectedly. Most came from “sudden” freelance work, and another chunk came from a completely unexpected place for something done 9 months ago. Thank you God for your constant provision!

6. Dry Ground & Blue Skies. No snow and it’s gotten to the high 50s this week. 

7. Seasons of Marriage. Greg & I are doing this class on Wednesday nights, and I just love the group. We’re having a lot of fun, and I’m thankful for these amazing couples who faithfully attend and are willing to share. It’s a fun, honest group and I love it.

8. Hair Powder. It’s been too long since I’ve gotten my highlights done, and we’re quickly approaching ugly on the hair front. It will probably be a couple weeks before I can get to my hair guy, so I’m stretching it out with my Bumble & bumble hair powder. I don’t know what else to do! But so glad I have it, otherwise I’d be buying Easter hats a few months early.

9. Long Naps. Paxton has taken some really good naps this week, which has allowed me to get caught up on work. Graphic design work, that is. Housework? Not so much.

10. Playing Hooky. Okay, not really hooky. But Jaana just wasn’t feeling 100% today, so I let her stay home. However, I HAD to drive an hour away to take care of a couple things that were of a timely nature. So she came with me, and Paxton was at Mother’s Morning Out. It was fun to have some time with just my girl again. I bought her a hot chocolate at Starbucks and we walked around Target. So fun.

Join me in this weekly giving of thanks. You can list one thing, or 50 things. Whatever you want. Let’s experience together the joy of being thankful in all things!

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