Thanksday #8

It’s been two months of intentional thanks giving on this blog. If only I made a point to do this daily, not just every week. My heart would probably grow three times its size! Anyhoo, here we go:
  1. 1.Low Sodium Organic Chicken Broth. I’m trying to improve the sodium intake of our family. I recently read a report that said the average American adult consumes 2,500 mg of sodium each day, and the recommended amount is down to 500 mg. If you read the sodium amount in any food item that comes packaged, it’s generally at a minimum of 400 mg…just for that one item. So when I found this chicken broth, I rejoiced! Only 140 mg per serving!
  1. 2.Sunrises in the Snowy Mountains. No explanation necessary.
  1. 3.Boudreaux’s Baby Kisses. It’s that time of year again. No, not Christmas…the time of year when our lips are all chapped all the live-long day. I had purchased this for Paxton when he was a newborn because his lips got so dry. Then I used it on Jaana because she licks her lips incessantly and in the winter she’s got red rings above and below her lips. Then I started using it myself and its now a staple in our house. 
  1. 4.5 Inches of Snow and Sledding with My Girl. I can’t remember the last time I went sledding. It had to have been in middle school. After all, last winter I had a newborn and sledding was not at the top of my list of things to do in a day. But this week we were snowed in for three days, and Jaana and I hit the slopes each day. And we laughed until we cried. And she’d yell, “Fresh powder, baby!” I haven’t had that much fun in a long, long time.
  1. 5.Going Organic. Again. Candra recently wrote a post about her family eating organic, and it inspired me to once again worry less about cost of food and focus more on the priceless value of healthy living for my family. Thanks for the inspiration, Candra!
  1. 6.Birthday Cake. Paxton had his first birthday! We celebrated early at Thanksgiving with the entire family, but the cake didn’t go over so well. On his actual birthday however, he had matured immensely and loved the cake. And he got mad and cried again, but this time because we took it away from him.
  1. 7.Homemade Birthday Party Games. Jaana decided we needed a game at Paxton’s party, and came up with “Pin the Smile on Elmo.” The girl cracks me up.
  1. 8.Rest. Since Saturday at 2:00 pm, I’ve only left home for part of one day. We’ve been snowed in, my keys were accidentally brought to work with Greg, Jaana hasn’t had school all week, and now Paxton is sick. Yes I’m going stir crazy, yes I desperately need a change of scene. BUT (just call me Silver!), I feel pretty rested. We’ve slept in, we’ve napped. Not having to get up and go anywhere this many days in a row has been rather nice, and we’ve made the most of it, for sure.
  1. 9.Phone Trees. Jaana’s school is pretty small, so they rely on a good, old-fashioned phone tree to communicate important news quickly. While I do not enjoy talking on the phone, it has been nice to chat with the four sets of parents I’m responsible to call every day this week. And while I have to bear the bad news that yes indeed, school is again closed tomorrow…they are kind enough to not shoot the messenger. It’s been fun to catch up when we normally don’t see each other too often.
  1. 10.A Wholly Holy Challenge. I’ve been sensing for awhile that God’s been ramping up to a time when I’m going to need to get my act together and get to the next level of spiritual maturity. I’ve been off the hook for awhile, and it was fine for a season. But I’ve gotten confirmation of this a couple times this week, so I’m getting prepared and waiting expectantly for what He has in store.
Join me in this weekly giving of thanks. You can list 10 things, or 5 things, or as many as you want. Either link your blog post below, or add it into the comments. Let’s experience together the joy of being thankful in all things!

One thought on “Thanksday #8

  1. I'll do my best. I am thankful for: 1) Scott comes home tomorrow for the weekend. My love for him has grown tremendously while he has been gone M-F. I cherish every phone conversation and every minute face to face. 2) Two close friends announced they are expecting. I rejoiced with them, especially my friend Amanda who is expecting twins. So cool! 3) Big kudos to Amanda again whose is willing to share her tips and tricks so that we can join that expecting train. 4) knowing I will see my family next week. 5) Christmas cards. I love going to the mailbox this time of year and being surprised at what I get. 6) a surprise day off today. Yes, there was a little ice on the roads this morning. Did we really need to cancel school? No way, but it was nice. 7) Mount Paran Christmas Concert. It was a load of work this year and I was so tired afterward, but I always feel like it kicks off the Christmas season for me. 8) working out. I have to drag myself there sometimes but I love the feeling of accomplishment afterwards. 9) the warmth and glow of a fire in the fireplace. 10) I only have 4 more days of school before break. Need I say more?

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