The Only Thing Missing Was the Gravy Boat

We’re back. After nine nights away, the bags are unpacked. The multiple loads of laundry are done. The emails have been opened and some have even been answered. The groceries have been purchased. And we’re back into the routine.
Ohhhhh, how I love the routine.
Our break was wonderful. We had a great time with friends and family, we had a date night, we saw a Bulldog victory. It was busy and fun.
But it was also a week of the unexpected:
  1. Both kids slept until after 7:am each morning.

    I put on make up every day.

  1. Greg continued to drink coffee.
  1. Jaana climbed a tree.
Paxton did not enjoy his early-birthday cake, because he could not stand his hands being messy with the icing.
And there was no gravy at Thanksgiving dinner.
I’m not sure which of the above surprised me the most. Certainly my scardey-cat, girlie-girl up in a tree completely caught me off-guard. I never could have guessed the boy would not like cake (or getting his hands dirty, for Pete’s sake). And I generally wear at most lip gloss, because of my standard workout-clothes-and-ball-cap uniform…so the washing of hair, blowing it dry and putting on make up every single daywas very out of my norm.
But perhaps the most surprising was indeed the lack of gravy. I ate turkey, dressing and mashed potatoes without it. And also missing was the canned, jellied cranberry. A Salmela family staple.
I may not cook. I may be inept at side dishes. But I loooove me some condiments.
Looks like next year I’ll take charge of the condiments as well as the Pumpkin Cheesecake no one ever eats.
Actually, maybe that’s a hint to leave all things kitchen-related to the experts. 
Gravy and cranberry be darned.

2 thoughts on “The Only Thing Missing Was the Gravy Boat

  1. The pictures look great Monica. I hope one is coming in the Christmas card this year. :) I can't believe Paxton did not like messy cake hands. Too funny!

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