3 thoughts on “Thanksday #5

  1. Monica-your ideas elevate my perspective-thanks for not trying to be cool but for just being cool. Thanks for finding the silver lining in most every cloud that comes your way. This elevates others. Thanks for exemplifying gratitude in all of life when many only grasp it for but a thursday. Thanks for keeping your husband built up when stuff can try to pull him down. GMH

  2. Happy Thanksgiving Monie! I agree with some many items on this week's list. In addition, I am thankful that Scott will be off unemployment next week and working. Praise the Lord! So often lately, I have honestly thought God has forgotten us. Of course I know in my heart that He hasn't but sometimes I need just a glimpse that He is at work. This week, He gave us that glimpse and I am ever so thankful. Thanks for your prayers.

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