Thanksday #4

It’s that time of the week again! So thankful this week for…
  1. 1)Fire Pits. Hot dogs, sausages and s’mores cooked over a fire and under the stars. Simply grand. (And Paxton know adores graham crackers.)
  1. 2)Girlfriends. And the freedom to be who you really are around them without judgment.
  1. 3)Transparency. There are few Christian leaders out there who are honest and open about themselves and their struggles (past or present). I don’t believe a good leader is one who hides their weaknesses, but rather is open about them. It gives everyone else permission to feel a little more normal for what they’re going through, and the measuring stick disappears. To those leaders, I applaud you and hope to be more like you when I grow up.
  1. 4)Grace. There are some people going through some stuff. Serious stuff. And while I feel helpless to fix it, I know I can pray. And God’s grace can do the rest.
  1. 5)Christmas Shopping. Accidentally found a great gift for Jaana and Paxton for Christmas, and it was on sale. Went ahead and bought it and feel very Super Mom-ish for already having one gift for each of them done.
  1. 6)Winning. Unbeknownst to me, Candra was having a contest on her blog and simply leaving a comment entered you to win. I must have skimmed that part of the post (it’s that darned Papyrus font, I tell you, it’s my kryptonite!). Anyway I ended up winning a Wiki Stix gift from Amazon. Christmas gift number two! I’m purchasing a red cape for myself.
  1. 7)Sleeper Sofas. Sweet Jaana and Paxton have the sheer JOY of sharing a room right now. And while it has been more than my heart can take to see their bond get so tight…it has caused some sleeplessness for Jaana. (Paxton tends to get up and babble randomly, then go back to sleep, periodically through the night. But once she’s up, she’s up.) So once or twice a week Greg or I will sleep on the sleeper sofa so she can sleep in our bed with one of us and actually s-l-e-e-p uninterrupted. Because an overly-exhausted Jaana is a very emotional Jaana. (Bless her heart, she gets it from her Mama.)
  1. 8)External Hard Drives. I don’t know how it’s possible, but I have a 119 GB capacity on my laptop hard drive, and only have 1 GB of space left! Fortunately my 1 tera-byte external hard drive has come along side like a trusty friend to save the day. (And when that gets full, it’s time to close up shop.)
  1. 9)Weddings. Can’t wait to go to Alli’s wedding this weekend to not just be a part of the celebration, but also to see so many friends we haven’t seen since we moved! (The first time. From Georgia to North Carolina.)
  1. 10) Kindle. And not for Every Word this time, but just for the sheer joy of reading. You can’t really just run out and buy a book ‘round these parts, so downloading a book anytime I want to is almost sinful.
Et tu?

Does this resonate with you?

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