Just Doin’ It

Jump out of bed 
Brush teeth 
Wash face 
Make coffee 
Make daughter’s breakfast 
Wake baby 
Change diaper 
Feed bottle 
Make lunch 
Feed baby breakfast 
Pack daughter’s back pack 
Make bed 
Wash dishes and bottles 
Clean kitchen 
Load kids into car 
Drive to school 
Drop off daughter 
Shop for groceries 
Drive home 
Put baby to nap (pray he sleeps for at least 2 hours so I can):
     – Unload groceries
    – Sweep floors
    – Eat breakfast
    – Design graphic stuff
    – Wash laundry
    – Fold laundry
    – Put laundry away
    – Return phone calls
Wake baby from nap 
Change diaper 
Feed baby bottle 
Play with baby 
Feed baby lunch 
Put baby to nap (pray he sleeps for at least 1 hour so I can): 
      – Eat lunch
    – Design more graphic stuff
    – Return phone calls
Wake baby from nap 
Change diaper 
Load baby in car 
Drive to school for daughter’s pick up 
Buy treat after school 
Take kids to library or park 
Drive home 
Play with kids until husband gets home 
Run or go to the gym
Make dinner 
Eat dinner 
Help daughter with homework 
Give baths 
Put baby to bed 
Watch a show with husband & daughter 
Put daughter to bed 
ShowerDesign more graphic stuff 
Spend time with husband