That’s How I Roll

I caught myself doing something today that I typically never think twice about. But for some reason today, it occurred to me that it’s really a bit odd. Then that got me thinking about all the other things I do that are probably odd, and realized I have quite a few random idiosyncrasies. And for reasons unbeknownst to me, I’ve decided to share them for the amusement of you three readers.

For your entertainment (or complete boredom):
  1. If eating Skittles or Jelly Beans (not Jelly Bellies, or Starburst Jelly Beans…just your classic, regular Jelly Beans), I always have to eat all the orange first, then yellow, then red. Green and purple are next, but I don’t really enjoy them.
  1. I cannot have so many emails in my inbox that I have to scroll down. To have that many creates high blood pressure and stresses me out. (Just for kicks, a good friend of mine randomly calls or emails me and simply tells me a number. It’s always the number of emails in her inbox. There have been times I have felt like I suddenly developed asthma and feel the need for an inhaler. I once sat on the phone with her for 30 minutes while she read me each email and I told her to either file it or delete it. It was Email Intervention.) (I should contact TLC about a series.)
  1. When washing baby bottles, I have a specific order I follow of bottle parts. And I silently count them while I wash them.
  1. I talk out loud to myself. Often. Hello, Self!
  1. Even if I hate the book, I will read the thing until the bitter, bitter end.
  1. I’m constantly playing with my hair. If I’m not twirling it, then it’s in my mouth. I’m not chewing it, per se…but then again, that’s probably arguable. If it’s in a ponytail and not in my mouth, then I am repeatedly running my fingers through it, braiding it, letting it go, and braiding it again. Even as I type this, my ponytail is in between my teeth. (I’m sure the Psych students are dying to get their hands on me.)
  1. I can’t be still. Greg can sit on the couch and watch TV without moving a muscle. I’m either up and down every few minutes, or playing with my hair (see above), or bouncing a leg, or what have you. (Again, hello Psych students, call for an appointment.)
  1. I wake up with some song in my head every. single. morning. At first I tried to be all super-spiritual about it, and thought God was trying to tell me something. But when you wake up with “Blame it on the Rain” by Milli Vanilli, that theory loses a bit of its oomph. (To schedule a session, please call 555-…)
  1. I really can’t be productive at home unless I’m dressed with my shoes on. And not flip-flops, because they make me feel lazy. If I really want to get some stuff accomplished, I have to have on my sneakers all laced up. Then I can work, clean and cook like the wind. While talking to myself out loud and snacking on orange jelly beans. (And yes, I called them “sneakers” to which Greg always replies, “Okay, MeMaw.”)
  1. Not a fan of taking a bath. Probably partly because of the sitting still thing (see #7), but also because I love for the bath water to be really hot. However, after seven minutes of sitting in the really hot bath water (not five and not eight, a solid seven), I’m too hot and uncomfortable and want out. I hate being hot.
Okay, that’s it. My Top Ten Ways to Know You’ve Lost It Before Age 40.

Don’t leave me hangin’ out to dry. I showed you mine…now you show me yours.

4 thoughts on “That’s How I Roll

  1. Does it mean I am crazy too if I can check off several of the same things you do?!?!?! Let's just be crazy together :)

  2. I am not an expert but can you say OCD….jusk kidding. I can not sit still either, I am always moving and sadly unless we are sitting down to eat as a family I am eating at the computer or over the sink (so I don't drop crumbs).Email abundance drives me crazy also & I do have differn boxes for ones I want to save. The Fly Lady (google her if you have not heard of her) says putting your shoes on laced up will motivate you to clean. Love your post even though I do not always comment! :) Barbie

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