I Keep on Fallin’

It’s the most wonderful time of year. I’ve been waiting 9 months for it to arrive, and it has. Fall is back. Here’s how I know:
  1. Pumpkin Spice Lattes are back at Starbucks
  2. Labor Day is over
  3. I’m wearing long-sleeves in the morning
  4. I want to put up all my open-toed shoes and shop for boots
  5. Pumpkins are out at the Farmer’s Market
  6. Butterflies accost me everywhere I go
  7. I want to be outside all. the. time.
  8. The Pottery Barn Kids catalog has adorable trick-or-treat bags
  9. Jaana is planning her costume already
  10. Leaves are starting to turn here in the mountains
  11. The sky is a much deeper blue
  12. The earliest tee time at the golf course just moved up to 9 am
  13. Hot coffee in the afternoon sounds better than iced
  14. College football has started
Speaking of college football, we had a great weekend with Greg’s family. On Saturday, his parents kept the kids while Greg and I went to the University of Georgia football game with his brother and his wife. It was a glorious day for many reasons:
  1. The Bulldogs won by a landslide
  2. It was only 80-degrees in Athens, which was God’s way of saying, “I love you so much, Monica!”
  3. The Dawgs had scored 31 points before the end of the 2nd quarter, so Greg actually enjoyed the game and there was no yelling, screaming or otherwise naughty behavior
  4. I was able to just sit for 3.5 hours!
  5. I got my first Pumpkin Spice Latte (with soy milk and an extra shot!)
  6. Since the boys were in such a great mood after the game, Kristy and I were able to sweet-talk them into taking us to the outlet mall on the way home, and we sped-shopped like nobody’s business.
  7. And I got some new fall clothes and actually enjoyed trying things on. Working out 6 days a week is starting to pay off, praise Jesus!
I just know I’ll actually be able to wear my new sweaters to all the Fall Festivals and not die of heat exhaustion. I’m excited to experience the entire season here in the mountains from the very beginning until the last little leaf falls off the last tree.

Now if Starbucks would just bring back the Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate, Jesus could come and I’d be ready.

Happy fall everyone!

3 thoughts on “I Keep on Fallin’

  1. I threw up a pumpkin spice latte in 2004 when I got a stomach virus and haven't been able to smell one since. Sorry, enjoy yours for me. However, the salted hot chocolate is heavenly and I love all 800 calories of it.

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