What a Long Strange Week It’s Been


I am poop-ed.

I’m so pooped that I’ve moved beyond not knowing what day of the week it is into the world of barely being aware of my own name. The past seven days have zipped past in an unrecognizable whirlwind. A lot of good things happened this week, and I just realized today that I’m so worn out that I haven’t even really celebrated any of them. I know I’ll get to it eventually, but all I have the energy for right now is to acknowledge them:

  1. We moved into a great house.
  1. Someone sent over 10 members of their staff to help us move. Thank. You. Sweet. Jesus.
  1. Some ladies from church came over and brought yummy food. Like cookies, and cinnamon rolls, and chicken salad, and ham. A whole ham!
  1. On Saturday, a stranger from south of Atlanta called Greg and said they wanted to drive up that same day to buy his car. That we’ve been trying to sell since November. As Rachel Zoe would say, “Shut the front door!” So they did drive up. And we did sell it. And the car is gone. And the front door is closed. Thank. You. Sweet. Jesus.
  1. Jaana started first grade. She’s just three so this makes her a prodigy. Wait, what? She’s really six? I do not recall that happening, thank you very little.
  1. I lost four pounds this week. Thank. You. Sweet. JESUS! And I did not get a chance to work out even once. (And I ate cookies and cinnamon rolls and chicken salad and ham. A whole ham!) (Okay, not really.) I told Greg we should move all the time, because it’s such good calorie burning. He said, “We do.”
I think there’s more, but I really can’t remember.

An another totally unrelated note, college football season officially starts in our house on Sat, Sept 4. It looks like I’m going to the UGA home opener with Greg, and I’m actually really excited to go even though it’s a noon game, will be 200 degrees and I have no idea what to wear. Nonetheless, the thing I’m most excited about is sitting down for 3-4 hours straight and not having to do a single thing but sit. And talk to my sis-in-law. And if I remember to find the binoculars, I will be entertained by the best people-watching there is available.

Thank. You. Sweet. Jesus.

And go Dawgs.

2 thoughts on “What a Long Strange Week It’s Been

  1. i should be sleeping, but i couldn't resist a new post from you.you're so awesome. looking at the bright sides in such a whirlwind of a week. yay! for all those things.i moved. i didn't lose four pounds. maybe i should eat a whole ham!

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