You Can Stuff Your Bubsies in a Sack, Mister!

One of my favorite, favorite things about vacation is the blissful ignorance about what time and day it is. I absolutely love waking up in the morning, unsure of where I am, and totally unaware of what day of the week it is. If I have to be honest, I admit that I have this feeling a lot now that I don’t work, and it’s quite lovely at home, too. But it’s really lovely when you’re on vacation with your favorite people in the world and not one of them cares what day it is, either.

I called a friend of mine the day before we left the beach. When she answered the phone I asked, “How’s your week been?” She said, “Uh…it’s Monday.”

See? Blissfully unaware.

We succeeded in leaving at the o’dark:thirty hour we wanted to, and made it through the 5.5 hour drive (ahem, 7.5 hours) relatively easily. That is, if you don’t count Paxton’s utter frustration at being cooped up in a car seat for the day. He took only two 45-minute naps, and the closer we got to Hilton Head, the angrier he got. After being stuck on remote stretches of highway and road forever, Greg tried to calm his 7 month-old son by saying:

“It’s okay, Bubsies”


“We’re almost there, Bubsies”


“Daddy’s looking for a place to stop, Bubsies”

Greg has this way of saying “Bubsies” like a used car salesman-turned-Chris Farley. After Paxton reached his crescendo of screams, I turned to Greg and said, “Paxton’s telling you, ‘You can stuff your Bubsies in a sack, Mister!’” And we laughed.

Trip highlights: Paxton very much enjoyed floating around like a fat cat in the pool but didn’t care for the ocean much (above photo. Again, Bubsies…stuff ‘em). Jaana dunked me so many times my eyes turned red from the chlorine. Paxton got his third tooth, and started crawling. Jaana got to go night swimming, see the new iCarly episode and ate ice cream that left her lips blue. I read a book and ran every morning (not at the same time). Greg ate the biggest piece of tuna we ever saw. We bought a HHI car decal and Salty Dog Cafe t-shirts. We sweated. A lot.

It was dreamy.

We had an absolutely amazing time together…our first family vacation as a family of four. And we adored it. I’d like to give a shout out to very special friends who made the trip possible…Senior Glink! Oah!

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