Vacation! Really, it’s all I ever wanted.

In less than 36 hours we’ll be on our way to the beach. Our first family vacation since Paxton was born, and Greg’s first vacation since we moved up to these here hills. (Christmas break didn’t count since we had a newborn. And all our family. That’s fun, but no vacating, if you know what I mean.)

The excitement level is all an all time high. The stress level is pretty high too, though. As is with every vacation, there is a mad rush to finish all the stuff that has to get done before we can go. Laundry, cleaning, packing, shopping. Not to mention work (I’ve been a designing fool for the past 4 days!). Jaana’s been upset that she can’t get to, but hopefully after a few dunks in the pool and perhaps a dolphin sighting, I will be forgiven for daring to hog my own computer.

I’m looking forward to the trip for a million reasons, but am thinking I need a reality check about what’s really going to happen. First of all, I keep envisioning the photo above: Greg and I engulfed in my perfect quality time scenario…watching the sun set, enjoying time together to talk about us and our family, and not ministry or work. The problem with this picture is it’s missing a couple things. Namely, Jaana and Paxton. If you swap the beach chairs for a couch, the sand for toys and the sun for a flat screen TV, you’ll probably get a more accurate vision what our days will look like.

Second, I really am just not sure about how Paxton is going to do at the beach and the pool. The boy loooooooves his sleep. And he loooooooves his bed. Most of our pool trips have been Jaana in the pool while I’m rocking, feeding, and trying to get the boy to nap in his stroller or portable bed-thingy-ma-jig. Today was the first time I actually got him to sleep for more than 10 minutes at the pool (45 minutes, yes!)…so I’m praying that success continues while we’re away. If not, looks like Greg might get some extra rest while my girl and I swim, swim, swim.

Lastly, I’ve imposed a rule on technology. I’m not bringing my computer (hey, I’m freelance now so I’m allowed!). But I also told Greg he’s only allowed 30 minutes on his computer and phone a day. Right. He’s already lobbying for an hour, so I’ve compromised a smidge and am giving him extra time if I’m sleeping. I don’t just do this for myself (I am such a quality-time love language-r), but really for him too. He desperately needs a break. He doesn’t think so, and he loves his work and ministry and the people. But everyone needs a Sabbath rest. And he does something ministry-related every single day. Let me repeat that: Every. Single. Day. So I’m trying to get him to take all his Sabbath’s at one time. For five straight days. It’s probably next to impossible, but hey, I thought I’d never live in the South and say “y’all” and look how that turned out. Y’all.

So here’s to Sabbath rest, sleeping babies and quality time. And here’s to the tan I desperately hope to get so I can stop looking like I came from Washington. Oh, wait.

3 thoughts on “Vacation! Really, it’s all I ever wanted.

  1. So great that you will all be going to the beach….we are in FL and it is hotter then I ever remember living here for 26 years.I will be praying for quality family time and rest!

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