Time Management Issues?

I’ve been ultra-stressed out for a few weeks. My plate has been very, very full — preparing for Bible Study; freelance work (3 projects!); regular work; new duties at regular work; preparing for my mom’s week-long visit. I have been getting up early each day to spend quiet time with the Lord by reading my Bible (for the Bible Study). I have only made it these past few weeks because of my morning alone time, I’m quite sure.

Despite my best efforts, I still haven’t been able to do everything I plan for myself in a day. Or, if I get close, then something very important suffers — my quality time with my family, dinners on the table, or my own personal sanity. I’ve been short-fused, irritable and snappy. I hate it when I’m snappy.

I read in my devotional today a reminder that “It is possible to cast our care upon Him daily, and to enjoy deep peace in doing it.” (Streams in the Desert) When I read that, I stopped and a huge realization dawned on me. I realized that in these past few weeks, I haven’t one time asked for the Lord’s help to accomplish all I had to do…never once asked for His peace despite the overwhelming pressure I faced. I have assumed all along that my inability to “do it all” was chalked up to poor time management. When in reality I am only frustrating myself, and He is there waiting to do something to help me, but I never gave him permission or asked.

It’s so easy for me to trust the Lord with my big things. Miscarriage, serious family issues, finances, salvation for friends and family — my trust reaches to the ends of the earth for those things. But all the little stuff, well, I take full on responsibility for those. I never even bother to ask for help, because in my mind, I should be able to handle those in my own power. Yet the Word tells us differently:

“Cast your cares on the Lord and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous fall” (Ps 55:22).

“Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you” (1 Pt 5:7, emphasis mine)

“Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit…” (Zec 4:6)

That is what I need — an infusion of His Spirit each morning to sustain me for the day in all things big and small. The Lord is able to do more than we can ask or imagine (Eph 3:20) If we limit him to just a few things, we may miss some amazing displays of his power and glory; even if it’s just time seeming to stand still for an hour so we can accomplish much more than on our daily ‘to do’ list.

Lord today I pray that you would remind me to stop, breathe and ask for your Spirit this day. Amen.

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